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George Harrison backstage in Munich, 24 June 1966; and George’s suit worn, for example, at the 23 August 1966 Shea Stadium concert (on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum (2011, x).

"When we left for Munich at the beginning of the Germany and Far East tour on June 23rd of this year, there was no need for any decision-taking on the subject of clothes. They boys had just taken delivery of two entirely new outfits made by one of London’s newest boutiques, Hung On You [on the King’s Road].

One set of suits had big round cord finish buttons and shiny lapels. Those were in dark green. The others were in a very light grey, with thin orange stripes running down them.

To go with the new gear the boys chose an assortment of new shirts in a cool crepe finish. No ties this trip. The shirts were orange, yellow-striped, straw and maroon - colours which seemed to be suitably inerchangeable with either set of suits.” - Neil Aspinall, Fab 208 magazine, 1966, quoted in Fab Gear: The Beatles and Fashion

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Very awkward position trying to play Paul’s left handed bass.

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Nowhere boy (2009)

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Cavern Club in Liverpool, 1964

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Savile Row, 1969.

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And thats why I shouldn’t be a loud to talk to people :, (

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John Lennon, NYC 1980 

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